Fun With Physics

Flash based-games can be extremely entertaining when you are looking to kill some time. This is even more true for me when the games are physics-based puzzles. Throw into the mix the ability to share your solutions, and create custom levels, and you have a recipe for success. Because of that, Fantastic Contraption has gotten both my attention and my dollars.

Given three kinds of wheels and 2 kinds of rods, can you build a contraption to move a ball from A to B? On each level, you are given a workshop to build your contraption in and goal to move a ball into. There can be workshops, goals, and balls of all number, shapes and sizes. Gravity, mass, and friction are your moral enemies. And those simple machines that you learned about in school will be your keys to victory–that is if you can remember them.

Fantastic Contraption

It all starts out simple enough. Could you get this ball over the hump and into the goal? Toss a couple of wheels and rods together, and it is easily done. If at first your don’t succeed, stop the action and edit your contraption.

Once you solve a level, you’ll gain access to the solutions of other people. These solutions vary greatly. Some are an exercise in complexity. Others attempt to solve with only one type of building piece. These solutions are also where people start seeing their first conveyor belts, tank treads, and catapults.

Fantastic Contraption

As you progress, the levels become increasingly difficult. In this level, you are tasked with navigating an avalanche of balls to reach you goal. Some players drive through the mess, others soar overhead.

The paid version of the game introduces player created levels. I made my purchase and have enjoyed many of the crazy levels that are out there. Some are just simply hard as can be. Others have a theme—I still love the Mario level that a player constructed.

So hop over to Fantastic Contraption and let loose your inner Rube Goldberg today!

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November 24th, 2008