Monthly Archives: August 2009

Custom Pages with WordPress Plugins

One of the more interesting challenges I have faced with WordPress is offering custom pages. These could be pages such taking a survey, asking a question, or suggesting a topic. Previously, I had gone about coding these kinds of pages by just sticking the php file in the web root. The problem with that strategy […]

New Dish: Chili Lime Pork

After spending a good portion of the day with Chris and Xander out in the Chicago heat, I let them know that Dad would be taking care of dinner tonight. I remembered that we had a pork tenderloin roast in the freezer, so I got an idea. Little did I know just how good it […]

Hijack the WordPress Media Gallery

I have a friend that wants to update a banner on his WordPress blog homepage without changing the template files. I tell him I’d be glad to help him out and start working on a plugin that provides a custom administration page to allow for this. As I am a firm believer in the power […]