New WordPress Theme

Welcome to the new and improved Braindonor Network. As you can see, I have completely updated the WordPress theme of this site. There are still some rough edges—but I liked the new theme so much that I was not willing to wait until everything was completely polished. The new theme is a combination of the barebones Sandbox theme and Twitter’s Bootstrap.

I currently have a huge crush on Twitter’s Bootstrap project. It’s the first “grid system” that I have used that felt like it was created by a developer instead of a designer. Even more importantly, it provides a very application-centered set of components that can be leveraged in a web application. I have been leveraging that last aspect in custom back-ends for some of the websites I build during the day. It was only natural that I begin using it in my personal projects—and now to start including it on the front-end.

The new look isn’t just aesthetic…it is responsive as well. This website will now reform itself to accomodate mobile devices and older browsers seamlessly! This is yet another offering of Bootstrap—the responsive layout. I think it does a great job except for some font issues. I read a lot of RSS-aggregated news on my mobile devices and wanted to make sure I could read my own blog easily from my phone. There is also the added benefit of having implemented a responsive layout and being able to do so for others. I can’t say that I understand everything that is going on under the hood…but I’m getting there.

There are quite a few rough edges in the theme—with the comments first-and-foremost on my mind. I’ll keep working on everything and should have everything smoothed out in a week or so.