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New Language Direction With Erlang

In my two most recent posts, Always Learning and Coders at Work, I talked about my personal and professional need to keep learning. My most recent addition to my development arsenal has been Python. Why I considered learning the language a success, I didn’t really feel that it a significant amount of new materials and […]

Book Review: Coders at Work

The book, Coders at Work was published at a very ideal time for me. I was pretty comfortable with my progress towards learning Python last year, and have been looking around for another language to start tooling around with on my computers. The book seemed like a good opportunity to get a peak into the […]

Mako Authentication Required

I have been using my mod_python Mako handler for several months now in my personal projects. For the most part, I have been very happy with Mako and am finding it extremely useful. One issue I have had to wrap my head around has been the inability to halt template execution cleanly. A common practice […]

Custom Pages with WordPress Plugins

One of the more interesting challenges I have faced with WordPress is offering custom pages. These could be pages such taking a survey, asking a question, or suggesting a topic. Previously, I had gone about coding these kinds of pages by just sticking the php file in the web root. The problem with that strategy […]

New Dish: Chili Lime Pork

After spending a good portion of the day with Chris and Xander out in the Chicago heat, I let them know that Dad would be taking care of dinner tonight. I remembered that we had a pork tenderloin roast in the freezer, so I got an idea. Little did I know just how good it […]

Hijack the WordPress Media Gallery

I have a friend that wants to update a banner on his WordPress blog homepage without changing the template files. I tell him I’d be glad to help him out and start working on a plugin that provides a custom administration page to allow for this. As I am a firm believer in the power […]

Apache Optimization and NGINX

Once again, my WordPress friends had to hit me up for some help. These are the same friends that I helped with a Custom Field Search Plugin. They have been maintaining a community site, SuccessNet Online™, and an email mailing list of several hundred thousand participants for Business Networking International.

Custom Field Searching WordPress Using Sphinx

In my previous post on implementing a custom field search in WordPress, I showed how to modify the internal SQL LIKE search that is the default search engine of WordPress. There are other search engines that WordPress can make use of, most notably Sphinx Search.

SQLAlchemy and memcached

I think it is safe to say that my personal goal of learning and using Python this winter has been a huge success! I have now found myself hard at work on a large Python-based project in my spare time and investigating issues that I haven’t been able to track down much documentation on. How […]

Updated mod_python Mako Handler

I have been using the mod_python handler to parse Mako templates for about a month now in a personal project. As I have done more and more development on my project, I have naturally encountered shortcomings and errors in my handler.