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Mako Authentication Required

I have been using my mod_python Mako handler for several months now in my personal projects. For the most part, I have been very happy with Mako and am finding it extremely useful. One issue I have had to wrap my head around has been the inability to halt template execution cleanly. A common practice in many a website has been to flush the current output buffer, display the required authentication information with a form or a redirect, and then end the request—making authentication required on a page of content.

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New Dish: Chili Lime Pork

After spending a good portion of the day with Chris and Xander out in the Chicago heat, I let them know that Dad would be taking care of dinner tonight. I remembered that we had a pork tenderloin roast in the freezer, so I got an idea. Little did I know just how good it would turn out!

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Apache Optimization and NGINX

Once again, my WordPress friends had to hit me up for some help. These are the same friends that I helped with a Custom Field Search Plugin. They have been maintaining a community site, SuccessNet Online™, and an email mailing list of several hundred thousand participants for Business Networking International.

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Custom Field Searching WordPress Using Sphinx

In my previous post on implementing a custom field search in WordPress, I showed how to modify the internal SQL LIKE search that is the default search engine of WordPress. There are other search engines that WordPress can make use of, most notably Sphinx Search.

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WordPress Custom Field Search Plugin

Some friends of mine that have started offering custom WordPress designed sites and consulting hit me up a couple of weeks ago for some help. They had a site for a client that was utilizing custom fields to provide some additional CMS-like functionality to WordPress and had hit a snag. Their custom fields were not being searched.

Breaking in a New Laptop

Buying a laptop can be quite an adventure. Buying a laptop that you intend on running Linux on is guaranteed to be an adventure! I have been running Linux on laptops for about 8 years now with mixed results. I was very pleased with my previous laptop, but it was time to replace it. It had been used to the point that the it was literally falling apart. So it was time to start hitting the forums and the shopping websites.

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Fun With Physics

Flash based-games can be extremely entertaining when you are looking to kill some time. This is even more true for me when the games are physics-based puzzles. Throw into the mix the ability to share your solutions, and create custom levels, and you have a recipe for success. Because of that, Fantastic Contraption has gotten both my attention and my dollars.

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New Site Launched

The new Braindonor Network site is up and running! I took down the static place-holder page that I have been running for about five years and finally have some content for general consumption.

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