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jQuery and ASP UpdatePanel Integration

With my latest gig sending me back into the .NET world, I have been busy migrating quite a few of my tools and experience to play nice with ASP.NET sites. One of my favorite open-source tools that is gaining popularity in .NET is jQuery. For several years now, I have been using jQuery heavily to provide rich interaction on websites. When faced with the basic UpdatePanel in ASP.NET, I was presented with a challenge. I wanted a solution that would automatically call jQuery so that new content was properly parsed and updated. Because I had been managing all the AJAX calls in my other development, this was trivially easy to do. UpdatePanel hides all of this inside the ASP AJAX libraries and scripts—making it difficult to figure out where and how to structure my jQuery code. After some research and experimentation, I have a solution up and running on multiple sites now that integrates everything in a very clean manner.

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