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A New Home For The BrainDonor Network

The BrainDonor Network has a new home in the cloud! I have moved everything from Slicehost to Amazon Web Services. With Rackspace finally pushing through the migration of server images from Slicehost to the Rackspace Cloud, I knew I had the perfect opportunity to switch. Having deployed several client sites to AWS, I also knew I had the comfort level to get everything migrated and set up—so that I could start ignoring it once again.

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Apache Optimization and NGINX

Once again, my WordPress friends had to hit me up for some help. These are the same friends that I helped with a Custom Field Search Plugin. They have been maintaining a community site, SuccessNet Online™, and an email mailing list of several hundred thousand participants for Business Networking International.

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Breaking in a New Laptop

Buying a laptop can be quite an adventure. Buying a laptop that you intend on running Linux on is guaranteed to be an adventure! I have been running Linux on laptops for about 8 years now with mixed results. I was very pleased with my previous laptop, but it was time to replace it. It had been used to the point that the it was literally falling apart. So it was time to start hitting the forums and the shopping websites.

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