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Mako Authentication Required

I have been using my mod_python Mako handler for several months now in my personal projects. For the most part, I have been very happy with Mako and am finding it extremely useful. One issue I have had to wrap my head around has been the inability to halt template execution cleanly. A common practice in many a website has been to flush the current output buffer, display the required authentication information with a form or a redirect, and then end the request—making authentication required on a page of content.

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Updated mod_python Mako Handler

I have been using the mod_python handler to parse Mako templates for about a month now in a personal project. As I have done more and more development on my project, I have naturally encountered shortcomings and errors in my handler.

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mod_python Handler for Mako

One of my personal goals this Winter has been to learn and start using Python. Learning new languages and putting them to use is something I try to do about every year. Like so many others out there, messing around with Perl in college really has had an impact on my professional career. Being a professional web developer who uses Perl—especially through Apache/mod_perl—it was only natural that I began looking at building out a small site using mod_python. Little did I understand how much of a minefield I was stepping into!

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