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Custom Field Searching WordPress Using Sphinx

In my previous post on implementing a custom field search in WordPress, I showed how to modify the internal SQL LIKE search that is the default search engine of WordPress. There are other search engines that WordPress can make use of, most notably Sphinx Search.

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SQLAlchemy and memcached

I think it is safe to say that my personal goal of learning and using Python this winter has been a huge success! I have now found myself hard at work on a large Python-based project in my spare time and investigating issues that I haven’t been able to track down much documentation on. How to use Memcached in conjunction with SQLAlchemy was one of those issues.

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WordPress Custom Field Search Plugin

Some friends of mine that have started offering custom WordPress designed sites and consulting hit me up a couple of weeks ago for some help. They had a site for a client that was utilizing custom fields to provide some additional CMS-like functionality to WordPress and had hit a snag. Their custom fields were not being searched.