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Get Chirpy To Play Nice with Twitter’s Bootstrap

I have begun using Twitter’s Bootstrap framework to build administration sites for the MVC apps that I am building. Bootstrap makes it trivial to keep all of the views clean and consistent–without needing to get a graphic designer involved. You can see it in action in the example app for my MongoDB utility project, BrainDonor.Mongo. Unfortunately, the bootstrap source .less files refuse to play nice with Chipry!

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Visual Studio Fun: Chirpy is Awesome!

Managing the CSS and JavaScript files of a website can be an extremely frustrating, but rewarding experience. I’ve been introducing tools at work to help manage this experience such as SASS, LESS, CoffeeScript, etc, with mixed results. By themselves, each of these tools do a great job, but how to I leverage their power together? Having fifteen JS and CSS includes in a site is still extremely inefficient. Chirpy is a tool that helps to bring all of this together in one plugin in Visual Studio…but I see a lot of people completely missing the most powerful feature of Chirpy: FileGroups.

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