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A New Home For The BrainDonor Network

The BrainDonor Network has a new home in the cloud! I have moved everything from Slicehost to Amazon Web Services. With Rackspace finally pushing through the migration of server images from Slicehost to the Rackspace Cloud, I knew I had the perfect opportunity to switch. Having deployed several client sites to AWS, I also knew […]

Getting Started with MongoDB

When I first got started with MongoDB in my ASP.NET development I wasn’t able to find as much information as I hoped to on how to get started with MongoDB. All of the core documentation focuses on interacting with the driver and doesn’t give a high-level overview of how to use the driver in an […]

jQuery Best Practices Part 2: Chaining

In Part One, I discussed managing the scope of $(document).ready(). Next comes the challenge of organizing the contents of $(document).ready() to balance efficiency and maintainability. My team accomplishes this by taking advantage of the Array behaviors of jQuery to structure our code so that function dictates form. Put into practice, these behaviors will structurally organizing […]

New WordPress Theme

Welcome to the new and improved Braindonor Network. As you can see, I have completely updated the WordPress theme of this site. There are still some rough edges—but I liked the new theme so much that I was not willing to wait until everything was completely polished. The new theme is a combination of the […]

I’ve Joined the NoSQL Movement…How About You?

Leave it to O’Rielly to give a great summary of NoSQL—and express what I have been telling other developers. NoSQL is not a technology. It’s a different way of looking at large data sets and data-driven applications. I have been busy adding NoSQL to my developer’s utility belt lately by introducing MongoDB into the projects […]

jQuery Best Practices Part 1: Managing Scope

I’ve been asked by a large number of developers if I know any solid jQuery best practices. The answer is a huge YES! I’m also getting around to changing my answer to their immediate follow-up. Do you have them written down so you can share them with me? In an effort to change my answer […]

Integrating Bootstrap Error styling with MVC’s Unobtrusive Error Validation

A common component of many of the websites that I build are small administrative areas where clients are able to perform tasks such as downloading leads or scheduling appointments. Until recently, most of those websites were built to run on top of a content management framework–with the CMS providing most of the back-end interface that […]

Get Chirpy To Play Nice with Twitter’s Bootstrap

I have begun using Twitter’s Bootstrap framework to build administration sites for the MVC apps that I am building. Bootstrap makes it trivial to keep all of the views clean and consistent–without needing to get a graphic designer involved. You can see it in action in the example app for my MongoDB utility project, BrainDonor.Mongo. […]

Visual Studio Fun: Chirpy is Awesome!

Managing the CSS and JavaScript files of a website can be an extremely frustrating, but rewarding experience. I’ve been introducing tools at work to help manage this experience such as SASS, LESS, CoffeeScript, etc, with mixed results. By themselves, each of these tools do a great job, but how to I leverage their power together? […]

jQuery and ASP UpdatePanel Integration

With my latest gig sending me back into the .NET world, I have been busy migrating quite a few of my tools and experience to play nice with ASP.NET sites. One of my favorite open-source tools that is gaining popularity in .NET is jQuery. For several years now, I have been using jQuery heavily to […]