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New WordPress Theme

Welcome to the new and improved Braindonor Network. As you can see, I have completely updated the WordPress theme of this site. There are still some rough edges—but I liked the new theme so much that I was not willing to wait until everything was completely polished. The new theme is a combination of the barebones Sandbox theme and Twitter’s Bootstrap.

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Integrating Bootstrap Error styling with MVC’s Unobtrusive Error Validation

A common component of many of the websites that I build are small administrative areas where clients are able to perform tasks such as downloading leads or scheduling appointments. Until recently, most of those websites were built to run on top of a content management framework–with the CMS providing most of the back-end interface that I deliver. I started using Twitter’s Bootstrap framework to deliver a consisten look and feel with our ASP.NET MVC3 applications. Bootstrap provided me with a clean CSS grid system, clean controls, and a host of other components. The biggest disconnect between Bootstrap and MVC3 is the unobtrusive validation.

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Get Chirpy To Play Nice with Twitter’s Bootstrap

I have begun using Twitter’s Bootstrap framework to build administration sites for the MVC apps that I am building. Bootstrap makes it trivial to keep all of the views clean and consistent–without needing to get a graphic designer involved. You can see it in action in the example app for my MongoDB utility project, BrainDonor.Mongo. Unfortunately, the bootstrap source .less files refuse to play nice with Chipry!

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